Menstrual Cycle Skin Care Tips

Did you know your skin during the “red light” will be very sensitive and also need special treatments to stay fresh and radiant?

Dry skin, less bright, acne appear to be the top problems of girls in the “red light” days. In addition, your skin will be very “chubby” in this period. Tips for menstrual skin care will help girls always own bright, clear skin during those “days”.

Menstrual Cycle Skin Care Tips

Clean the skin before the red light

Before the “red light” period about 5-10 days, you should increase the regime of skin care and cleansing. Beginning a few weeks before the “red light” visits you should cleanse your skin with a deep cleansing mask that helps to eliminate the excess of pores in the root. You can easily buy a peeling mask (deep cleansing type) from cosmetic stores to keep the skin in a well-ventilated, clean condition.

Clean your skin on the day of the red light

During the red light period, do not use too many skin cleansing products, especially the type of products to eliminate keratinosis for the skin. Experts recommend a serum that cleanses the skin, and should only be washed twice a day to protect the skin.

Strengthen moisturizing

Very sensitive skin during red light. Therefore, girls should limit daily skin care and maintenance procedures to let the skin “breathe”, just choose a few masks or creams gently, have the effect of adding water is enough for a healthy skin throughout those “days”. You can also use certain types of cosmetics containing marine ingredients to stimulate and support the recovery of skin cells.

Menstrual Cycle Skin Care Tips

Drink enough water your body needs

Skin during menstrual periods will easily dry out due to the loss of large amounts of water, so you need to overcome this situation by rehydration for the body, in addition to filtered water you can use more types of water. Fruit both helps the body have enough water and helps increase the vitamin content.

Sunscreen, less use cosmetics

In “sensitive” days, the secretion of more and more oil not only clogs pores but also causes blackheads to appear more. Especially when the weather is summer, the more you have to protect your skin thoroughly from ultraviolet rays to avoid bruises, melasma or freckles can appear.


Menstrual Cycle Skin Care Tips

Pay attention to your diet: do not eat hot spicy foods, or cold foods, solder … and foods that use a lot of oil to prepare such as fried foods … The sour taste is also not good for blood circulation, so at this stage should also abstain from sour foods. Do not eat a lot of salty foods to get rid of the swelling that can occur at any time. Eat more foods containing magnesium, and B vitamins to improve the body’s metabolism.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is important for the beauty of the skin, lack of sleep is the cause of dark circles and acne, the culprit that makes the skin dark. So you should shape the habit of sleeping on time, not staying up too late to disturb the circadian clock, which is not good for your skin and health.

Treating acne

Sensitive skin during the “red light” period also requires proper treatment. Aloe vera mask is rated by experts as the best for you at this stage.

Peel off 1 leaf of aloe, take plastic and apply to face, wait until it is dry to wash your face. You can also use aloe vera juice to drink every day.

Or you use 100g of aloe leaf washed, finely chopped, put into the pot. Pour 500ml of water into a large saucepan until it boils. Then continue simmering for 15 minutes. Then take the water just cooked with 10g of honey. Drink this water in combination with applying aloe vera leaves to your face once a day.