Women bleed once a month. And then pay tax on it.

Pads, tampons and mooncups are essential for women around the world.

Yet some governments don't think so.

Male dominated parliaments deem these items a "luxury" and tax them accordingly.

To put things in perspective

In the UK crocodile meat is considered an essential.

Tampons are not.

To put things in perspective

In Canada, you can buy cocktail cherries with 0% GST.

But tampons are taxed at 5%.

Ridiculous discrepancies like these perpetuate the idea
that women's biological needs aren't vital for the progress of society.

They undermine our gender and the fight for equality.

With your help, we can stop this #bloodydisgrace.

Let's stop Tampon Tax.

Here's where you come in

Women of the world.
Yes all 3.52 billion of you.

We’re sure you’ll agree that classifying menstrual products, as anything other than essential is #BloodyDisgrace and an insult to women everywhere.

It isn’t all bad news. In 2011, the Kenyan government declared menstrual hygiene products not taxable, in order to improve the living conditions of the Kenyan women. However, this shouldn’t be unique, it should be the norm.

We need your help to banish tampon tax worldwide. Let’s stop governments cashing in on our monthly cycles. We’re sending a petition to the UN and want you to sign and share it now.

If you need more of an incentive, the following shows just some of the nonsense happening in the world right now.

- In the UK, Jaffa cakes fall in to the 0% tax category, and menstrual products pay 5%. So, this must mean David Cameron deems his biscuit eating habit more important than feminine hygiene.

- In the USA, vaginas in Ohio are apparently less important than those in Massachusetts. The current Ohian tampon tax is a shameful 6.5% and in Massachusetts it’s 0%. Nice one Obama.

The Canadian government deems wedding cakes more essential than menstrual products. Stephen Harper, that should make you feel proud.

How much has the "luxury" of having a period cost you so far?

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We used UK average values to calculate these figures. The average cost of a tampon is £0.20. Women, on average, use 5 tampons per flow day. And women menstruate, on average, 5 days a month.

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